Nightfall Although I Always Love Words

The sun had sunk, and the night are welcome,
     Has gone warm and cold came,
     Even if the sun sets this evening but my affection for you
     ga will never sink,
     As you are always warm me smile despite the cold nights to come,
     a beautiful dream ...

         Wise Words
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Wise Words

If you do not change the direction of your life, you will arrive at the direction of the action or inaction you.

Rest assured, that whatever you do, or you do not do, leading to something, and will deliver you to a certain quality of life in the future.

Since you will definitely up, then make sure that you start something good, do good, in good faith.

If we are doing is that in addition to the good, then we will certainly age in the weakness and humiliation.

Consider the great men who saw the evil that they do as good. Are they respected in their position that should be glorious?beware of three words
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Beware of the three words

Beware of three people: the traitor, tyrant actors, and the complainant sheep. Therefore, one who betrays him for your sake, he will sell out against you and the one who do wrong for you, he will do wrong to you. Also a pit for you, he will do the same thing to you.
women to world words 
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day-102 women to the world words

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year.current age is reached to 102.Idea about this celebration was first put forward at the time of entering the 20th century amid a wave of industrialization and economic expansion that led to protests about the state working. Women from clothing and textile factories held a protest on March 8, 1857 in New York City. The garment workers protest what they perceive as very poor working conditions and low salary levels. The protesters were attacked and dispersed by police. These women formed their union in the same month two years later.
This is a great day which is celebrated worldwide to commemorate the success of women in economic, political and social. Among the historical events are related, this celebration commemorates the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York in 1911 that resulted in 140 women lost their lives.expectations in new year words
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Expectations In The New Year Words

 the year has almost gone, but made us strong
the path was long, but we’ve walked with songs
there were fears and tears, but we had reasons for cheers!
happy new year 2012

    Oh my Dear., Forget Fear., Let all Dreams be Clear., Never put Tear, Please Hear., I want to tell one thing in Ear.., Wishing very Happy "NEW YEAR"!

Friends, i’m really sorry if i had mistaken or disappoint kamu.. May new year peace touch every heart..four being my friends.. God bless y’all always…: Happy New Year 2012 : have a pleasant new year eve.

    let sun bring you hope
    let stars bring you rightness
    let love bring you happiness
    let my message bring you the dream come true
    happy new year 2012
    wish you all the best
Good Morning Sms Words
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